Generative Sculptures from Giuseppe Randazzo

novastructura is maintained by Giuseppe Randazzo, a designer from Turin (Italy). This site wants to be an open and evolving place where to share my works and experiments as well interests on several topics, ranging from generative art, new-media art and contemporary art, to architecture, coding, science, tech, and so on. The meaning and the reason of novastructura may be seen as the need to explore the blurred boundary between art and science. The site for this purpose is splitted in two parts, the personal work database (generative related) and a blog where I try to collect – through my personal point of view – the most meaningful suggestions coming from the net about the above topics

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starting with a simple cube (32 faces on each side), then applying fractal subdivision, smooth, scale, twist, colour and contrast algorithms. 


 Alexi K

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Closed Bézier curves

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an algorithmic exercise in longing to be with you (again, love)
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Sol LeWitt, “From The Word(s) ‘Art’; Blue Lines To Four Corners, Green Lines To Four Sides, And Red Lines Between The Words,” (1972)
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Can’t get enough of Sol Lewitt
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삼성역  /  황 지혜

삼성역에 위치한 국제무역센터.
코엑스를 중심으로, 
세계 각지로부터 모이고 다시 퍼져나가는 현대적 흐름.

2013 Exhibition  그린비이호선
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Rock Paper Scissor — weAREmedienkuenstler, 2013

Love the simplicity.

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Opaque  by  andbamnan